Childhood Disorders that Supercalifragilistic Speech- Language Therapy treats include:

Speech Disorders: Speech Sound Disorders *Childhood Apraxia of Speech * Orofacial-Myofunctional Disorders & Stuttering

Language Disorders: Language Based Learning Disabilities * Preschool Language Disorders * Selective Mutism

Medical/Developmental Conditions: Autism Spectrum Disorders *Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders * Cleft Lip/Palate * Social Emotional Deficits *Dysphagia & * Traumatic Brain Injury .

Adult disorders that Supercalifragilistic Speech- Language Therapy treats include: 

Speech Disorders: Apraxia * Dysarthria *Stuttering * Voice and Articulation

 Language Disorders: Aphasia & Cognitive Communication Therapy

 Medical Conditions: Dementia * Traumatic Brain Injury * Dysphagia * Laryngeal Cancer Therapy & Elective therapies: * Accent Modification * Voice Therapy * Communication Therapy 

Evaluation & Diagnosis 

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