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An ongoing series of Communication & Education topics as they relate to our Super clients, families & the Greater Boston community

Super Success Story! 

February 1st, 2019

As an elementary school student, Kwame struggled with speech and language issues in expressive communication. With integral therapy efforts by his SLP & the dedication of his mother, Kwame was able to  overcome his communication challenges. Today, he is an empowering educator and author. His first book, Shaping the Teacher Identity, guides individuals through a self-exploration of their life and helps them extract the inherent qualities that uniquely define who they are as educators. Kwame and his success today is an inspiration to parents, students & SLP's alike. Check out his blog & book here

What's Your Superpower? The "i Contribute" Toolkit

February 2nd, 2019

The ASHA State Education Advocacy Leaders (SEALs)are pleased to present educators & professionals with the “I Contribute” Toolkit. Every day, school professionals collaborate and work tirelessly to facilitate learning for all students. Yet, often, the professionals in the building or stakeholders in education are unaware of the various contributions SLP's make as part of the overall education mission. The “I Contribute” toolkit provides educators & professionals with Tools, Strategies, and Resources to plan and carryout effective advocacy and leadership opportunities to increase knowledge and awareness about the valuable contributions of school-based SLPs and Audiologists. Full Access here 

Little Black Dress Initiative

February 3rd, 2019

Super Speech is excited to share that this February we will be participating in the week long Little Black Dress Initiative on behalf of the Junior League of Boston to raise awareness about sexual violence. We will wear wear the same consecutive black outfit for five days. The outfit serves as a conversation starter to educate our networks about sexual violence against women in the Greater Boston area.

Every 98 seconds someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. Every 11 minutes, that victim is a child, and only five out of 1,000 perpetrators will end up in prison. Our community partner this year is the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC).  BARCC is taking a holistic approach to support all survivors, regardless of gender, through social change and healing.

Another exciting aspect of LBDI week is the clothing drive, which will conclude with the advocates’ dry cleaned outfits from the week and donated to Catie’s Closet. Super Speech has set up a personal fundraising page to share our journey. You can access that page

Thank you for the support!

Boston Education Hearings 

March 14th, 2019

On behalf of Councilor At-Large Annissa Essaibi-George, Chair of the Education Committee, Super Speech is  sharing the list of all education hearings coming up in Boston.

Monday, March 18th at 2pm: Hearing Regarding Civics Education in Boston Public Schools (Sponsored by Councilor Garrison)

Friday, March 22nd at 3pm: Hearing Regarding Teacher Diversity (Sponsored by Councilor Janey)

Tuesday, March 26th at 3pm: Hearing Regarding School Safety & Security Measures (Sponsored by Councilor Essaibi-George)

Thursday, March 28th at 3pm: Hearing Regarding Student Transportation to Boston Public Schools (Sponsored by Councilors Edwards, Essaibi-George, and Wu)

Monday, April 1st at 4pm: Hearing Regarding the Implementation of Policy Requiring all Boston Public Schools to have a Full-Time Nurse and Social Emotional Support Specialists (Sponsored by Councilor Essaibi-George)

Tuesday, April 2nd at 5pm: Hearing Regarding Independent Education Plans in Boston Public Schools (Sponsored by Councilor Essaibi-George)

Tuesday, April 9th at 3pm: Hearing Regarding an Admissions Policy and Funding Changes for Madison Park Technical Vocation High School and Improving Partnerships (Sponsored by Councilors Essaibi-George, Janey, and Wu)

All of these hearings will be hosted in the Iannella Chamber, 5th floor of Boston City Hall.