What our Clients are saying...

I absolutely love that Supercalifragilistic comes to our house!

Not only does it make things easier for me,

it really keeps my son in his comfort zone

so that sessions can be




Highly recommend

Supercalifragilistic Therapy!- Parent 


 I wanted to pay it forward--

they are awesome! 

Supercalifragilistic is very responsive 


helped us find a regular day and time

 that would work 

for our family.- Parent


"Our 3 year old son has been working with Supercalifragilistic 

for about 3 months now.

 Over that time his vocabulary and sentence length have increased

 and he is easier to understand. 

However what stands out most for us 

is how easily she engages him and also how much he loves speech. 

He asks almost every day 

if we have speech after school 


eagerly waits on our front steps for our therapist to arrive. 

She always comes with great lesson plans


keeps him engaged and focused 

for a full half hour which is pretty remarkable! 

He loves his reward of playtime 

where she actively engages him to use more language


she always leaves us with great homework. 

I couldn’t recommend her more" -Parent 


Our therapist has built such a great relationship with my toddler

 and has the perfect balance of patience and energy 

to meet him exactly where he is on any given day. 

In just a few months, 

his language has exploded 


Supercalifragilistic continues to give us

 strategies each week 

so that we can keep the progress going. - Parent 


Supercalifragilistic has been working with me and my family 

for over 3 years.

 We started with my daughter 

who is now 9 

and now she is working with my son

 who is 6. 

She is like a member of our family. 

We look forward to her visit. 

My daughter has excelled 


has developed into a confident speaker 

who will be making her first speech at school, 

she is running for homeroom representative. 

She will deliver her speech with confidence. 

My son is also making progress.  

Supercalifragilistic goes beyond 

just speech therapy

 when working with him. 

She really tries to connect with him


allows him to be himself 

when she is conducting her sessions. 

We are very fortunate to have her 

in our lives. 

She has my respect 


my highest recommendation.- Parent